Please Read: Leaving?

So an incident happened that I wouldn’t like to go into full detail on, but I’d like to announce to you all that as of right now, I will not be posting on this blog. It’s just because of personal reasons and things I need to work out right now.

Thank you to the lovely WordPress community for being so welcoming, and hopefully I’ll see you all in the future.


Please Read: Leaving?

So an incident happened that I wouldn’t like to go into full detail on, but I’d like to announce to you all that as of right now, I will not be posting on this blog. It’s just because of personal reasons and things I need to work out right now.

Thank you to the lovely WordPress community for being so welcoming, and hopefully I’ll see you all in the future.


I’m a sucky blogger/ Updates on my life


Thought I might just let y’all know what’s been going on in my life recently, so this post will cover a range of topics that I will list in order to organize my thoughts.

1. My friends

Obviously, friendships have changed, and I’m okay with that. Regina is still one of my closest friends even though we don’t have any classes together this year, (tear), and I have two other really close friends, who I will refer to as Isa and April. I haven’t been friends with them for very long, but they’re the absolute best.

I have this other friend, Rosie, who I may or may not have talked about on here before. I think I have. I referred to her as my best friend last year, but ever since she got a boyfriend, I noticed the ever so slight disconnect, and the tear only turned into a rip with time. We’re working on patching it up this year, though, and I really like that. It was her birthday two days ago, and I hung around Rosie’s house with her and her boyfriend, and it was surprisingly pleasant.

I’ve also made a few more friends and/or gotten closer to certain people because we have classes together and things like that, but more about that some other time. 🙂

2. My family

My little brother Xav is starting sixth grade this coming week, and he’s really nervous. I can sort of see why: it’s the first time he’ll have to move classes, he doesn’t know the school as well as he knew his elementary school, and plus, eighth graders are scary. But he knows a lot of the kids that are going there, and he’s worried about being bullied, which doesn’t really make sense. Okay, his middle school doesn’t really have the best reputation, but it’s not that bad.

Also, if you’ve watched some of my Youtube videos, you’d notice that my filming location changed, and that’s because I was staying at my dad’s for a few weeks. I’m back at my mom’s now, and it feels weird, kind of like I’m coming back from a vacation, even though I was only 10 minutes away from my mom’s house. Anyway, it was fun.

3. My Youtube channel/ This blog

There’s been a lack of videos in the last two weeks because I’ve had absolutely no time to film or edit since school’s started. I always need to be doing something, whether it’s homework/studying, soccer practice, newspaper editing, and, as of two days ago, the school musical. We’re putting on Into the Woods, and I got Lucinda, one of the evil stepsisters, which I’m excited about. Unfortunately, it’s going to take time away from Youtube and blogging, which sucks, because I love talking to you guys. I’ll still try to do this stuff when I can, though.

4. My music taste

I don’t know why this is a category, haha. I just felt the need to discuss some of my recent favorite songs. I got into Imagine Dragons over the summer, but I kind of realized that a lot of their songs sounded the same, (don’t get me wrong, they’re still great), so I kind of moved away from them but sort of stuck to that genre of music and more. I listen to some Arctic Monkeys and One Republic and a lot of Lorde now. I started getting into the 5SOS craze too and re-fell in love with some One Direction songs. I also have Happy Little Pill on repeat by the  lovely lovely Troye Sivan, not to mention all songs by the amazing Shawn Mendes, (who I also happen to have a major crush on; Regina can vouch for this….How could you not? He’s adorable.) My friends are also trying to introduce me to The Vamps and the 1975. If you guys have good music/bands/songs, please do give it to me! I love listening to different things.

So, I originally wrote two more categories, school and my birthday, but WordPress was mean and decided to delete them when I tried to post this. 😦

I’ll leave it at this for now. Will return when I have more time on my hands. Stay lovely! ❤


Advanced Placement? More like Annual Punishment

Hello. Hi. Hey. Hola. Bonjour. How are you?

I haven’t actually created a real, real, blog post that interacted with this blogging community for a while. And since today is the one day in the past six days that I haven’t had to a) scramble to finish homework at the last minute, b) die from exhaustion, or c) a combination of the two, I thought I’d write one up.

The reason I’ve been insanely busy this last week is because I’ve been wild trying to to tie up loose ends before the start of the school year. I start next week, (ugh, so soon, I know), and I’ve already invested 6 hours in the school newspaper, another 6 in AP Biology, and another 2 into AP U.S. History. Not to mention the amount of AP Bio homework that I, the intense procrastinator, saved most for the final night. I worked from 4 PM to 1 AM yesterday, with some small periodic breaks, and then had to get up at 6:45 AM in order to get to the “bootcamp” prep. Oh, also, this weekend I still have to finish a whole buttload of notes for APUSH and study geography for that test, and read and take notes on a grammar book for AP English for that other test.

I know what you’re going to say: Annika, you’re an idiot for saving it all at the last minute.

Okay, yeah, maybe, fine. But I was busy trying to relax in June before my two summer classes, where I spent 16 hours just in class and maybe another 3-4 hours per class doing individual homework/studying. And we had a big project each in both my classes: an experiment for my Psych class, (where one of my partner mates neglected to contribute any work, thank you very much), and a video for my Creative Writing class that took a whole say set aside to write, film, and edit. This was also the summer that I decided to start Youtube; while fun and entertaining, you can guess that filming and editing videos does take up some time.

So my summer was pretty packed, and my brain didn’t shut off for more than, say, 3 weeks. I feel like I’m already feeling the stress come back, and I’m still in summer for 3 more days.


This year sounds like it’s going to be pretty freaking hard. I’m going to be a junior, (whaaaaaa), and I’m taking 3 AP classes, pre-calculus, (kill me), Spanish Honors, and Journalism, which means that I’m an editor for the paper. I’m only taking 6 classes in a 7 period day, so I have a study hall somewhere in there too. I’m hoping that study hall will help me get some homework done before my extracurriculars/hobbies like soccer, which I play school year round, or writing/blogging, which I don’t do very often but would still like time to do. I’m already debating whether to audition for the musical or not because I’m trying to estimate whether I’ll have time for it.

Pretty sure that this post is just one big ramble. Sorry if it’s difficult to read; it’s currently 1:20 AM as I write this, and, as you can tell by my numbers and statistics, all this time spent studying doesn’t really leave space for much sleep. I think I’ll go get some in now; I get to sleep in tomorrow, (or today, as you’re reading this), so that excites me.

Let me know what your experiences with AP classes and junior year have been like. I’d be interested in hearing. 🙂


The High School Tag Video!

Helloooo loves!

New video up today! I call it “The High School Tag” and I’m really excited because it’s the first in my “Back to the Books with Annika” series. 😀

I made up my own tag and questions, and I tag all of you to do it! You can do a blog post about it too; it doesn’t have to be a video. All the questions are in the description box of my video (on Youtube), and make sure you let me know somehow if you did it so I can check it out!

Love you all! ❤


Can’t Breathe

Now, before you scroll right past this post because of the cliche title, please know that I’m being literal. 

I really can’t breathe right now. 

I have this thing that I call a “year round cold”, so basically I have the sniffles all the time. I don’t know when it started or how it started, it was just kind of like that. They become more active when I run or do some sort of physical activity, but I’ve not done any of that today and I still feel like my brain is under-oxygenated and like I haven’t hydrated. I have to breathe consciously and take pretty deep breaths to keep me from feeling light headed. I also feel really really tired and sluggish too; I’m in that state when you’re awake, but when you’re in a car, you’re too lazy to move your eyes around to focus them, so you stare at something in the distance until it gets all fuzzy and weird and you have to just find something else in the distance. You know what I’m talking about?

Maybe it’s because I haven’t taken my iron vitamins in a while. Maybe it’s just my body telling me to slow down, to go to sleep. Maybe it’s the pressure of my thoughts of summer homework, (I have maybe 250 or so pages of reading due by Wednesday; I know I’m screwed, I don’t need you to remind me too.) Maybe it’s the thought of summer ending; I have less than two weeks left and with the summer classes that I’ve been taking, it feels like I’ve never gotten a break.

Whatever it is, I just want it to go away. 


Blindfolded Makeup Challenge Video

Hello loves!

Here’s another video featuring one of my besterest friends, Regina! We did the blindfolded makeup challenge, and I think her makeup turned out quite well. 😉

We also did a video on her channel where she did my makeup, so please make sure to check that out! The link to her video is the top link in the description bar of my video.

Sorry I haven’t been posting actual blog posts much, school is coming back in two weeks (!!!!!!) and I’m a little more than slightly stressed by the amount of summer homework that I still have not started and the two final projects for my summer classes that I need to be finishing up by Thursday. I’ll start writing again soon, promise.

Love you all!




Hey all, just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that I have my first driving lesson today! More specifically, in about 20 minutes.

I can’t really pinpoint how I feel, maybe a bit excited, definitely a lot scared, though I don’t really know why. I’ve never driven before so this is going to be a new experience.

If any of you drive, what’s it like? Do you have any tips for beginners?

I’ll be back in a few hours with an update with this! Until then, wish me luck… 😁

UPDATE: Look I survived! It went okay and I found it weirdly calming, even though half the time my instructor was yelling at me to stay on the left because I kept staying near the right side of the lane. Also, I couldn’t really gage how much I had to turn the wheel for a turn, so I have to work on that. 😅 Overall, my self esteem is lowered from my instructor since he isn’t really the most patient guy, but I’m sure he means the best. Have to go on the freeway for my next lesson, though! Eep.


The Best Friend Tag Video


It’s Sunday so I posted a new video up on my Youtube channel! Regina, (or reginanub here on WordPress), and I did The Best Friend Tag, and we had so much fun. 🙂

This was a collab, so we also filmed a video over on Regina’s channel! The link to that is at the bottom of my video, so please make sure to check that out as well.

Thanks guys! Love you all. ❤


Superstitions and ADHD and OCD and Mr. Williams

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been taking a creative writing class for the past four weeks or so, and I’ve written a post about my teacher, Mr. Williams, about how he wowed the class with something.

Today, I’ll talk about how he offended me. Sort of.

Our class is reading The Things They Carried, which is about the Vietnam War, and he was telling us that soldiers have a lot of superstitions. So then, he asked the class if we had any superstitions, and he called on me first because I hadn’t really talked in the class before.

“I like to carry things around in evens,” I told him, which was sort of a stretch but not really, because I don’t care if I have an even number of coins or whatever, I just feel better about something, let’s say a ticket stub for waiting in line, if it’s an even number rather than an odd.

“Okay, anything else?”

“Um…Oh. Every night before I sleep, I look out my window four times.”

Mr. Williams paused for a moment, before looking at me and saying, “Well, that sounds a little OCD….” and then I don’t remember what he said afterward because I was kind of just like, Wait, what?

I was angry. We had a speech unit in our English class this past year, and one of my friends did her speech on quick or immediate diagnosis, especially with ADHD. She talked about how if a kid was really active or just wouldn’t sit down in class, their teacher would talk to their parents about getting them tested. Why are they so ready to jump to conclusions? Can you assume something just because of one trait they have?

Okay, whatever, my thing with evens may sound OCD to him, but I’m not OCD. And he doesn’t have the right to tell me I might be. Does he have any other evidence to prove that I’m obsessive compulsive? No, just my superstition.

What if I’ve had a problem with OCD? What if I am OCD and I don’t want anyone to know? What if being called OCD is a trigger for me? He doesn’t know any of that about me, and I found it a bit rude that he would venture to diagnose me in a creative writing class.

Those are just my thoughts.